That Was Then

Sue Wickliff Vocalist
Purpose, intentionality and unique arrangement collaborations delivered in an energetic and entertaining way was the motivation for forming "Telos."​
Late 90's
Skylarkin' was a great band that I performed with for several years. This band was blessed with a lot of work in some great venues.​
Late '70's, Early 80's
Roses and Thorns
Roses & Thorns
I would be remiss if I did not mention the band, Roses and Thorns as a musical experience that helped form my direction. We were simply four seventeen-year-old kids who loved to make music together.​
Hit the Mark Back Cover
Hit The Mark
As a response to a Bible study Dion and I participated in on "Calling", I really felt compelled to do an album project to express my gratitude to the Lord...
Late 80's & Early 90's
Sue Wickliff Vocalist
City Steam
"City Steam" was an unusual consortium of musicians because four of the founding members were physicians...
Late 1960.s