Hit the Mark

Hit the Mark

Hit the Mark Montage

As a response to a Bible study Dion and I participated in on “Calling”, I really felt compelled to do an album project to express my gratitude to the Lord for the special gift of music and to make it available for free to anyone who desired to listen.  We engaged the finest musicians that we knew and distributed about 5000 copies.  Its so interesting that even all these years later, I still have people who tell me that they enjoyed or found comfort in this recording.  The people involved in the project were:

Dion Wickliff, Randy Melson, Charlie Smith, Troye Kinnett, Steve Allee, Kevin Kaiser, and Jim Farrelly.  Michael Graham produced the album at The Lodge in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sue Wickliff Vocalist

All We Need

What Love Is

To The Cross

I Will Wait

Me of Little Faith

Fix Your Eyes

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Cry For Help

It Must be Love